Pinot Noir is one of the best known single-varietal grapes to produce wine.  Though the origins of Pinot Noir are a bit unclear ( yes, the grape is that old)…it most likely originated in Burgundy, France where some of the best bottles are still made today.


Pinot Noir is a tricky grape to grow because it requires some pretty specific climate conditions. Plus, the thin-skin of the grape provides little protection again rot and disease.

The best regions for Pinot Noir are cooler climates because too much heat will shrivel up the grape.

Some of the best Pinot Noirs are grown and harvested in Burgundy (France), as well as California and Oregon.

Common Aromas

Most all pinot noirs will give off a cherry aroma. French varieties will be more ‘earthy’ with some floral notes. California and Oregon will have some spice notes, along with aromas due to oak barrels.

Pair With:

Oyster Salmon Filet

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