• Dry, light bodied, White Wine
  • Serve Chilled ( 38°- 45° F)
  • Drink young (within about 5 years)

Muscadet is easier to say in English, but Muscadet is actually the wine produced by the Melon De Bourgogne grape.


The grape is found primarily in France’s Pays Nantais wine region. This area is in the Lower Loire Valley region, right where the Loire River meets the sea.

 The grape is rarely planted or found elsewhere.

Because of this seaside location, the area experiences damp and cool climate through winter and spring, followed by a hot, humid summer. 

Common Aromas

Given the seaside climate, the Melon De Bourgogne gives off distinct citrus and tart notes of lemon, lime, pear, green apple. 

Pair With:

Salmon Filet Oyster
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