At Wineacita, I believe that wine is not just a drink; it’s an experience that should be accessible to all. I am here to inspire curiosity, foster confidence, and create a sense of community around this complex and fascinating beverage.

“Wineacita” stems from the nickname dubbed onto me by my daughter when she was three. She began calling me “Mamacita” and the term has stuck in our family, despite my very Gringo roots.

When deciding what to name this site that I am committing to wine education and tips, I wanted something that didn’t come across as “snobby” or “uptight.” What better way than to use a personal nickname with a slight twist?

I am a former school counselor with a passion for wine. After encouraging countless students to pursue their dreams, I decided to follow my own advice and immersed myself in wine education. I obtained a WSET Level 3 certification with merit and am now fully committed to sharing my knowledge and journey with you.

I understand that the world of wine can sometimes feel intimidating, with its overwhelming terminology and lack of accessible resources. That’s why Wineacita is here to guide you through the basics, from wine appreciation and tasting techniques to understanding flavor profiles and wine pairing.

I would invite you to join my Facebook community, and follow me on social media! Thanks for being here and let’s raise a toast to your wine journey!


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