Pink Mojito Drink Recipe

It’s time to celebrate one of our all-time favorite cocktails—it’s National Mojito Day! While the classic mojito is a crowd-pleaser, we decided to give it a colorful twist and introduce you to the Pink Mojito. The added berry flavors definitely worked alongside the lime..and it’s almost dangerously easy to drink. Here’s how you can whip up this delightful drink yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need for this super simple drink recipe:

  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Sugar
  • Mint leaves
  • Lime
  • White rum ( We used Bacardi)
  • Club soda or Sparkling Lime Water

 Simple Steps

  1. Grab a glass and gather a handful of blueberries, raspberries, a spoonful of sugar, and a few mint leaves. These ingredients will infuse your Pink Mojito with a burst of fruity flavors.
  2. Take a muddler or the back of a spoon and gently crush the blueberries, raspberries, sugar, and mint leaves together. This creates the essential base for your cocktail.
  3. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime. The lime adds a tangy twist that complements the natural sweetness of the berries and the refreshing mint. Then add the lime and muddle a bit more.
  4. It’s time for a splash of white rum..which is the classic spirit for a Mojito!   Give it a gentle stir to blend everything together.
  5. Important! Grab another glass and a simple, inexpensive strainer ( like this one).  Fill the new glass with ice and carefully strain the contents of the original glass into the new one. This step is crucial as it will remove any seeds or pulp from the mixture, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.
  6. Now, let’s add some fizz! Pour club sodaor sparkling water into the glass, letting it mingle with the other ingredients. The delightful bubbles bring a lively effervescence to each sip.
  7. Give your Pink Mojito a final stir and garnish with a wine leaf and extra berries if you are feeling fancy!

The Pink Mojito is a versatile cocktail perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a laid-back happy hour or a lively gathering with friends.

Do you have a favorite cocktail recipe? Let me know in the comments, because I would LOVE to try it!

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